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OK, so I haven't posted in a while

Well, I haven't posted since we've moved, and it's been a little while.

The move went well. We moved into a two-bedroom apartment in the South Hill area of Spokane. We're getting settled into our new place nicely, hopefully we'll get some pictures taken and posted for everyone to see. The neighborhood is really friendly, and it's only a 15 minute bus ride to work. :)

The job is going well too, getting settled into the new environment. While I am doing pretty much the same thing I was doing in SLC, I am working for a different company (albeit for the same client), so there are differences that have taken some getting used to.

I can't think of anything else right now, but I will try and update more again soon! (I know, I know, I say that every time I post something!)

See ya soon!
- Richard
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