rikig1969 (rikig1969) wrote,

Last full day in VA

Today was a lot of fun. It started with eating lunch with my mom and my best friend Rita, at Macadoo's, a restaurant where my step-sister, Crissy, works. It was nice to eat there, and spend time with them. I am so proud of Crissy now, she has definately gotten more mature since she moved out on her own.

After lunch, Rita and I went and hung out at the mall for a bit (boy has that area changed since I was last here), and then went to the bowling alley... we ended up playing pool since there was league play going on. Pool was a lot of fun! We ended up staying there for a few hours playing.

We then went and grabbed a bite to eat at Hardee's and grabbed a couple of things at Kroger that I'm taking back to SLC with me.

Tomorrow is the drive to BWI airport, and the flight back.

I miss Virginia already, and I haven't even left yet.

- Richard
Tags: trip
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