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Trip to the ER :(

Well, I made it to Missouri and had a good time, and then on to Knoxville, where I also have fun!

On the other hand... I woke up this morning to finding it very difficult to breathe, my uvula had swollen up. The only thing I can attribute it to is that I had an allergic reaction to a wool-like blanket I was sleeping under. Anyway. I ended up having Cris take me over to the ER to get it checked out, and sure enough, it was an allergic reaction to something. I got some meds for it (thank God for Walgreens being nationwide!), so things are better and I can breathe again, I'm just gonna be a little out of it with the medication. Fortunately today's drive is only about 3.5 hours or so, and Jeff is doing the driving. I'll update again when I get to my mom's.

Take care,

- Richard
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