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It's Official, We're Moving to Spokane

Well, it is finally official, so I can let everyone know. I received the official offer yesterday, and I have accepted it.

We are moving to Spokane, WA. It is a job-related move.

For those who don't know, I work for a call center, and the way call centers work is that they are contracted by different companies to handle their customer service (or tech support, or bill collecting, or order processing, etc.). The company that I worked on has taken their business to a different center in another state.

I was in a unique position to where I didn't simply take calls, but supported the client in a number of other ways. I decided to persue the option of working for this new center, continuing doing what I am doing for this client. The client is very familiar with my work, and was supportive of me doing this. (Another one of my co-workers also persued this same option, and she is there already.)

So it finally became official yesterday. Mike and I will be moving to Spokane. I will be going up there in a week, and I will be staying for a bit with the co-worker who's there already, while I locate a place for us to live. Mike will be taking care of getting things settled down here in SLC, and once I find a place for us, will be joining me.

I will be updating my info with everyone once we get settled in up there.

I want to keep in touch with all the friends I have made here in Utah, and I look forward to all the new friends I will make in Washington.


Richard :)
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